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Our ProcessWhat is the Jasmine Effect?

We’ve developed our own custom procurement and mobility platforms, and by using this technology we are able to connect you with a portfolio of secure housing options in unparalleled turnaround times at the most competitive rates. You won’t find faster results or better price points. Combining this proprietary technology with our global network of contacts means you enjoy a quick and cost effective transition to your home away from home. Our expertise in the intricacies of cross cultural transactions expedites the process, and our insight into destination communities helps you know what to expect upon arrival. At JML International, we save you time, we save you money, we help you stay safe in your transition abroad.We call this expertise the Jasmine Effect. We invite you to come and experience the Jasmine Effect for yourself as you relocate your teams abroad with JML International.

Our Mission

Our mission is to facilitate an easier, safer, and more cost-effective transition for your workforce as they relocate abroad. We source a secure portfolio of housing options at the most competitive rates on the market while eliminating third parties. We navigate the complexities of price inflation, market opacity, security concerns, and the many other obstacles impeding workforce relocation abroad, particularly in emerging markets. JML International is committed to delivering timely, trusted logistics and mobility solutions for transitioning your expatriate crews to foreign markets.

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When you need to relocate your workforce abroad, don’t go it alone. JML International advocates for you through each step of the process. Save time, save money, stay safe.