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JML InternationalJasmine Mobility & Logistics

Sending employees abroad? We provide custom expat housing and workforce solutions.

Trusted Expertise

JML alleviates the challenges that make mobilization costly and time consuming.

Best Housing Solutions

Our proprietary procurement & mobility platforms quickly secure residential leasing options virtually anywhere, customized to your needs, at significant savings.

Consulting Services

JML’s portfolio includes housing, consulting, transportation, security, and a host of other services to facilitate your smooth transition.

Proven Success

We’ve placed high profile clients and organizations from both the public and private sector including in some challenging international destinations.

Our Mission

Our mission is to make the process of transitioning abroad an easier, safer, and more cost-effective proposition. Price inflation, market opacity, personal safety concerns, and other pain points in transitioning overseas, particularly in emerging markets, can drive away investment, business, and other opportunities. JML International is dedicated to alleviating this problem.

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When you need to relocate your workforce abroad, don’t go it alone. JML International advocates for you through each step of the process. Save time, save money, stay safe.