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Dubbed by European travelers as one of the most boring capitals in Europe, Podgorica may seem like an obvious city to skip. Truth be told, a quick glance at the metropolitan area of the city is not life-changing, but few visitors realize how small Montenegro is. With its central location and easy access, Podgorica is a great place to live and an ideal base from which to explore the great offerings of Montenegro.

1. Take a walk in Gorica Park

Gorica is the hill overlooking the city. In fact, the name of the city originates fromPod meaning “under” andGorica which is a literal translation for “hill.” Gorica forest park is the largest park in the city and a natural landmark drawing both locals and visitors. Atop the hill is a Mediterranean garden planted in the aftermath of a local protest against building a tunnel through the park. Abundant with flora, it is a great place for short hikes and enjoying nature. 

2. Party in Bokeška Street 

Bokeška is a downtown streets home to bars and pubs. It is unofficially known as “the party street”. Here you can experience all genres of music, including Balkan turbo folk, arguably the most popular music genre in the Balkans. Most of the places are open until 2 am and typically do not require reservations. It is advisable to arrive before 10pm, when the nightlife kicks off. During the summer, bars and pubs sponsor music events, such as Podgorica Art Festival, one of the best known music festivals in the country.  

3. Visit Skadar Lake National Park

Skadar Lake is one of five national parks in Montenegro. It is the largest lake on the Balkan peninsula. To reach it, you can take a train or drive to Virpazar, a small village on its shore. It is only 20 minutes away and worth the visit. The Virpazar region is renowned for its wines and its fish specialties, such as bleak and smoked carp.  

Skadar Lake is considered among the best bird-watching spots in the Balkans. It is also a great destination for kayaking and boating. Boating tours can be as long as 5 hours due to the size of the lake and many small islands with fortresses and monasteries that are accessible only by boat. Godinje village, the only registered historical village in Montenegro, is about a 30-minute hike from Virpazar. One of many family-owned wineries, Garnet, is nearby and offers an authentic wine tasting experience.  


4. Hike in Biogradska Gora National Park 


Biogradska Gora is one of the last three large virgin forests in Europe and one of the five national parks in Montenegro. While it is not in Podgorica, it is only an hour and a half drive from the city. The park offers hiking trails of various difficulties, spanning from 2 to 9 miles. Biogradska Gora is also home to katuns, uniquely Montenegrin mountain houses that were used only by shepherds in the past but now offer authentic accommodation for travelers. Katuns are essential to Montenegrin culture and every traveler should experience them at least once, as they offer truly authentic Montenegrin meals from traditional recipes.  

5. Visit the Donkey Farm

The donkey farm in Martinici village is located 20 minutes away from Podgorica. The first of its kind in Montenegro, the farm aims to preserve donkeys which are increasingly endangered. Besides its mission to provide sanctuary for the donkeys, it also educates visitors on sustainable environmental practices and proper animal care. There are no entrance fees for the farm besides one kilogram of carrots or apples, which you can then feed to the donkeys. The farm also sells donkey milk and cosmetic products made of donkey milk. 

Podgorica – an all year round destination 

Podgorica is highly accessible via road, railway and an international airport suiting the needs of frequent travelers. The cost of living is lower compared to coastal cities and it is an all year round destination with something happening almost on a daily basis. Podgorica also boasts the largest expat community in Montenegro due to the number of international schools, embassies and business opportunities it offers.  

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